Monday, January 24, 2011

Martin Devlin comes out

From Stuff today:
Sports broadcaster Martin Devlin has outed himself as the “celebrity” in the Auckland disorderly-behaviour name suppression case.
Devlin’s statement says:
I have no problem in admitting that I behaved like a right plum that morning on Quay Street. My wife, two young sons and I missed the 11am ferry sailing because I was watching Manchester United draw with Birmingham.
As a result, the atmosphere was a little frosty and my wife dropped me at the terminal and drove away without realising my bag and wallet were in the boot.
I walked across Quay Street into a lane of traffic to stop the car and get my bag.
Once stationary, for some inexplicable reason I sat on the car’s bonnet. It was stupid and I apologise. [. . .]
In an unconfirmed and unattributed report by the NZ Herald and last week, the newspaper claimed that my wife and I were having a “rowdy tiff” on Quay Street. In yesterday’s Herald on Sunday in another unofficial report, the newspaper claimed we were having a “blazing row”. Those reports were incorrect. In fact, we weren’t actually talking to each other.
What I know about PR could be written on the back of a stamp with marker pen, but that strikes me as the way to do it. Possibly he should have done it earlier, but the tone is perfect.

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