Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009 Nobel Prize for Literature – the odds

Here is the list of odds that Labrokes is offering: Amos Oz is the 4/1 favourite, followed by Assia Djebar and Joyce Carol Oates at 5/1 and Philip Roth at 7/1.

Further down the list are Thomas Pynchon at 10/1, Les Murray at 16/1 and Alice Munro, Bob Dylan, Don DeLillo, Margaret Attwood and Ngugi wa Thiongo all at 25/1.

Paul Auster and William H. Gass are both at 100/1.

Of the 60-odd authors listed, I’ve read properly (i.e. at least a whole book) only 25 of them. How embarrassing.

Monitor: Mick Hartley

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