Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More of my kind of meaningless statistics

Further to my report of 25 August , via Home Paddock (#15) I learn that on Tumeke’s (#12) highly scientific ranking of New Zealand blogs, Quote Unquote has shot up seven places and after a mere 10 months of blogging is now ranked #93. Thanks again to all my readers, etc.

As before, if I were a competitive person, which I’m still so not, I would look up the ranking of my distinguished former Listener colleagues Karl du Fresne (#123, up four places) and Denis Welch (#159, down nine places).

Among my other distinguished former colleagues, Poneke is on #22 (down three) and Chris Trotter is on #68 (down six).

More dramatically, my former colleagues from Quote Unquote the magazine, Rob O’Neill and Mark Broatch, who with Chris Bell are NZBC, have dived to #108 (down 18). Though now that Mark has started promoting his book, that should pick up.


homepaddock said...

What's in a number? A blog of any other rank would read as sweet:)

Stephen Stratford said...

Absolutely. But these come in handy for teasing one's old friends.