Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy birthday, Hank Marvin

Home Paddock reminds us that it is the great Hank Marvin’s 68th birthday. (His real name is – whisper it – Brian Rankin.)

She chooses to show him performing “Apache”. Hah. In August I chose to showcase him playing on Sir Cliff’s great 1969 single, “Throw Down a Line”. It’s as close as Cliff ever got to Donovan with Jeff Beck.

But wait, there’s more: the great “Devil Woman” from 1976. Cliff sings, “She’s gonna get you from behind.” Sadly there is no vid of Cliff and Hank performing this that I can find, so this Cliff-only version will have to do, though that is definitely Hank/Brian on guitar:


Phil said...

Apache does get labelled as a bit of a cliché ...yet, watching Joanne Whalley-Kilmer putting on her war paint and preparing for a night on the town, with Apache playing loudly was a special moment for me. She was playing Christine Keeler in the Profumo Affair flick, 'Scandal' (1989) alongside Bridget Fonda and Ian McKellen. Whwoarr.

Unknown said...

Gawd, if I'd known Cliff was this good I wouldn't have bothered with all the hairy 60'/70's dorks. That Throw Down a Line's a killer. So's this. I'm off to Real Groovy