Friday, October 30, 2009

Nick Smith and Sam Mahon

Sam Mahon has made the papers again:
Environment Minister Nick Smith has been immortalised – in cow dung.
Canterbury artist and campaigner Sam Mahon created the manure sculpture as a protest against water pollution in the region. He is selling the artwork on auction website Trade Me.
Mahon said the cow manure was the perfect medium for a sculpture of Smith, who he believed was doing too little to protect New Zealand’s waterways from dairy farm pollution. [. . . ]
Dry cowpats were collected from an organic dairy farm in Waikari, ground through a coffee blender, mixed with a polymer resin, and pressed into a mould to set. The finishing touch was a beeswax polish.
Yes, of course, they would have to be organic cowpats, as opposed to the other kind. But let’s not have coffee at Sam’s any time soon.

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