Tuesday, October 20, 2009

George Strait on divorce

A friend is experiencing marital problems. He has already had two divorces, so is very unkeen on another. Just for him, and anyone else who appreciates a) the genius of George Strait and b) a really, really good divorce song, here is the hardest-working man in country music at his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame with his #1 hit “Give it Away”.

You have to sit through a minute of Kris Kristofferson explaining why Strait gets the induction, but that is no hardship. This is from 2006: Strait was 54.

The key line in the song is when the wife says, “There ain’t nothing in this house worth fighting over”. My friend says that this sentiment is the diametric opposite of that expressed by his first two wives.


Unknown said...

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Equitable Mediation said...

The reigning king of country music, George Strait, turns 60 today (May 18). He’s had a long career and an interesting life, much of it spent outside the glitter and glare of Nashville. Equitable Mediation