Saturday, October 3, 2009

In Russell Crowe’s trailer

A friend who lives in England writes about a recent holiday in Scotland, where she met the clan chief of the Macdonalds, some millionaires, the odd sculptor and so on. More interesting to me was this snippet from someone’s niece or god-daughter Emma:
who plays polo and knows lots of famous and interesting people (her father has just given Princess Anne a puppy, for instance) and when we asked if she has any friends at uni who didn't go to public school she said “No not really. Put it this way, I share a house with 5 others and all our families have their own shoots”.

She had just come from a holiday job as an extra on the new Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. She says Russell Crowe is very rough and swears the whole time but is very friendly to everyone and had just given one of the makeup girls £5000 because she wrote off her car one night.

She says he and Ridley Scott spent several days watching the Ashes in their trailers until late afternoon and then emerge, by which time the whole day had cost the producers in excess of a million pounds!

Emma also said Nicole Kidman is supposedly immensely thick.

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