Sunday, July 11, 2010

Laughy Kate is unwell

There is something ailing my favourite Kates.

First, Cactus Kate was unwell.

And now Laughy Kate is too.

There must be something going around in Auckland.

I have to go there tomorrow for the launch of Kevin Ireland’s new novel Daisy Chains. I do hope I don’t catch whatever it is that has afflicted the Kates.


MacDoctor said...

Suspect your chances of picking up this particular "virus" are directly proportional to your liquid intake.

Be careful out there :-)

Stephen Stratford said...

You mean it's something in the water?

laughykate said...

'the launch of Kevin Ireland’s new novel'

You're so going to catch it.

Now, could you please keep the noise down?I'm marinating.

Phil said...

I had heard that liquor never touched your lips - you just pour it down your throat vertically

Stephen Stratford said...

Laughy, I so didn't catch it, whatever it is. But we did have a very fine time.

Phil, that is no way to taste wine. Especially not Mills Reef Elspeth.