Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We make our own fun in the Waikato

We also make our own driver’s licences:
Two teens have been busted in what police call a sophisticated forgery ring in Waikato. Senior Sergeant Greg Dunn, of Hamilton, said two 17-year-old boys had been arrested after police uncovered the counterfeit operation, which had allegedly produced about 60 fake driver’s licences. Further arrests are likely.

Dunn said Waikato police had not before encountered such sophisticated forgery. “Aside from an array of computers, laminators, scanners and printers the group had imported dies, papers and a specialist stamp that replicated the New Zealand Government watermark on the licences.

“They then produced what we estimate to be about 60 drivers licences which they allegedly on-sold, to recoup the cost of their equipment, to associates for prices varying between $30-$60. [. . . ]

Dunn invited anyone who had one of the fake licences to surrender them to police.
Apparently young people were using the licences to buy cigarettes and alcohol.

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