Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waikato Times letter of the week

From the 12 July edition:
Sex and Woods
Tiger Woods has lost focus in his game since he stopped having regular sex (Waikato Times, July 6).
I remember watching a sporting show on TV which was about another high profile sportsman who was doing really well. This was Michael Schumacher, the Formula One racing driver. What gave him focus and made him so good?
Regular sex. Regular sex can help prevent prostate cancer. A South African doctor told me this. (Abridged)
Let’s see. Tiger Woods’ wife left him so he is not having regular sex. Right. He would so be having lonely nights.

Michael Schumacher was better than other racing drivers because he got it regular. And the others didn’t?

But the best bit about this letter is the editorial note: (Abridged). I always wonder with these letters to the Waikato Times what was in the abridged material that was so much nuttier than what was published. And were the letters written in green ink, or purple?

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