Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sentence of the day

Which is why it is possible to give a woman an orgasm by jiggling her toes in the right way.
From comment #79 in a good – i.e. mostly amusing and informed – discussion of homeopathy at Crooked Timber, sparked off by this recent XKCD cartoon (sorry, can’t remember how to hotlink these properly – as always, go to the original and hover your mouse over it for the other joke):

It also raises the interesting question of why homeopathic true believers are not prepared to put their money where their mouth is [. . .] and use homeopathic contraceptives.
There is also some very funny stuff on Martinis and homeopathy, especially the one about Winston Churchill.

Monitor: Tim Worstall

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Jo said...

Ok :)

But my mother was a homeopath and of her two infertile patients, both ended up getting pregnant - after they'd abandoned the idea completely, were being treated for other things.