Friday, July 9, 2010

What I’m reading

Not this, that’s for sure. No, for fiction it’s Kevin Ireland’s new novel Daisy Chain which I am to launch in Auckland on Monday. It is always polite to read the book beforehand.

Elsewhere, Chad Taylor asks:
Why do you have to be a moron to read a book?
Home Paddock has solved the vexed (for Aucklanders, anyway) question of what to do about Party Central for the rugby world cup. Her solution would annoy both Murray McCully and the Herald’s Brian Rudman, so is well worth supporting.

It seems that knitting is all the rage with women these days, but even the Fundy Post is taking an interest in woollen garments for chaps.

And now for the letter of the month, from Jeff McClintock of Hatfields Beach to PC World:
Much as I enjoy PC World, I’m pretty disappointed with Geoff Palmer’s continuing pro-piracy stance. He claims widespread file-stealing somehow benefits the victims. As a small Kiwi software developer my sales fell 72% the same month “crackers” released my software for free.

I have decided to selflessly test Geoff’s assertion. Each month I’ll be scanning your magazine, converting it to PDF, and uploading to I urge all your readers to “help” PC World by downloading future issues for free. Any objection I’ll dismiss as “the same old bunkum pumped out by self-interested parties”.


Danyl said...

A little elitist dig of the knife there? If it helps I am also rereading "Goodbye to All That". So there.

Stephen Stratford said...

No, Danyl, not elitist (not that there's anything wrong with that), just a major lack of interest in vampires or anything apocalyptic.

I have my order in for the first borrowing of the advance proof copy of the next Lee Child, due later this year - I will be the second person in Cambridge to read it and well ahead of the rest of yous. So there.