Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daisy the cow

For readers interested in the case of the young cow mentioned here the other day, the original PhD thesis is online. It is titled RNAi-mediated Reduction of a Major Ruminant Specific Milk Allergen Using a Transgenic Mouse Model and is by Md Anower Jabed (about whom I know nothing other than that he is married with a child and is a Muslim).

It’s not about Daisy but about the research that led to her creation, and it’s really interesting: there’s a lot about milking mice, which is not something I had given much thought to before. There’s also a lot about why making milk with less BLG protein is worth a try. The tables and appendices are hard-core science that is way beyond me (“Appendix 7:  Restriction digestion of pGL 164 and TOPO-oBLG constructs”, anyone?) but the main text is admirably clear. I wonder if Claire Bleakley will find time to read it.

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