Monday, October 15, 2012

On the correct use of band names

In the comments threat at David Thompson’s blog on “Culture, Ideas, Politics”, after mention was made of a couple of academics who write their names all lower case:
WTP: I blame e.e. cummings, though according to Wiki (wiki?) he wasn’t very consistent in this matter. FWIU, there is a raging debate going on in the Wiki/wiki world over The Beatles vs. the Beatles, or maybe even just Beatles... or beatles... for this I blame The Talking Heads.
Sam Duncan responds:
I blame The The myself.
WTP again:
But Sam, the capitals, the capitals!!
I once had an argutorment with a frenimy about whether it was pronounced THE-THEE or THEE-THE. I settled on THEE-THEE. He went on to work in the tax collections office and we haven’t spoken since.

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