Friday, October 5, 2012

Some questions for CK Stead

An email arrives from the BBC. Distance looks our way! It reads:
C.K. Stead is on the BBC World Book Club on Friday 19th October, and will be talking about his novel My Name was Judas. We need questions to be emailed from outside Britain and if you’re in the UK we need guests to be part of the audience at 11:30am at Broadcasting House, London W1 – please find the invitation attached.
New Zealand’s greatest living writer CK Stead gives a clever, teasing, revisionist account of the life and death of Jesus.
If you would like to come along and put a question to CK Stead about My Name was Judas or to send in your question for him please email us at
The BBC World Book Club is a unique radio programme that brings readers from around the world together with their favourite writers.
If you’d prefer not to receive these alerts, please reply with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject box.
With thanks,
BBC World Book Club
What a great promotional opportunity. Fantastic for any writer. But I can’t contribute to it – if I have any questions for CK, I just ask him. But others might like to send suggestions.


Denis said...

Yep, now that Barry Crump is no longer with us the Carlster is definitely up there with the greatest living writers here in Godzone. And, by Jesus, its a little cracker of a book. Okay its not 50 Shades...but its still damn good. I want to hear that BBC show. When's the bugger on?

Stephen Stratford said...

BBC show seems to be 22:05 GMT on a Saturday, repeated at 3:05 GMT Sunday, if this link can be believed: Watch that space.

Unknown said...

Umm. ....'Where do you get all your ideas?.....

JGo on. I dare ya.

Anonymous said...

The literary world bitchy? Never!