Saturday, October 27, 2012

In praise of: Gabrielle Drake

Men of a certain age go all funny about this English actress. A commenter on a David Thompson blogpost about sci-fi fashion reminds us that Ms Drake played Gay Ellis in the 1970 sci-fi TV series UFO and dressed like this:

She was famous enough then to come out to New Zealand to do a Telethon. I can’t remember or find out when, but I do remember her sitting between Hudson and Halls, wearing a low-cut top, and either Hudson or Halls – Halls, I think – leaning over and leering, “Nice tits.” Live TV, what can you do? Does anyone have a clearer memory?

What men of a certain age forget is that she is Nick Drake’s sister and has been the custodian of his work since he died in 1974 aged 26. She has done an exemplary job. So here is Nick Drake with “Cello Song” from his 1969 album Five Leaves Left:


Anonymous said...

For more more haunting cello listen to'Fly' from Bryter Layter.
John Cale playing I think.

I love that my teenage daughters had a Nick Drake phase. I never left mine.
Thanks for the Fred Neil heads up a while back too.

Stephanie said...

Have you seen this?

NOte; there's a Part 2!

Stephen Stratford said...

Thanks Stephanie. For other readers, Part 2 is at