Monday, October 1, 2012

Richard Ingrams’ commonplace book

Richard Ingrams, editor of the Oldie, former editor of Private Eye and so a hero to journalists everywhere of a certain age, has published Quips & Quotes: a journalist’s commonplace book. In its 22 September issue, the Spectator has some samples.

Madmen are always serious – they go mad from lack of humour.
Alice Thomas Ellis. I met her – she was and is one of my favourite writers– and then Michael Gifkins swept her off to dinner. I was so jealous:
There is no reciprocity. Men love women – women love children – children love hamsters.
Northern people in every country like to think of themselves as more honest and straightforward than those further south.
Sounds a northern hemisphere thing. Try arguing that in the South Island: light Brian Turner and stand well back.

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