Monday, October 29, 2012

The Listener makes me feel special

Guy Somerset, the Listener’s arts/books editor, emailed today to invite me to contribute nominations for the 100 Best Books of 2012 feature. How flattering. I felt special.

On Facebook this afternoon there was a post from whoever used to do the satirical blog The Pigeon, which I loved but which stopped ages ago, saying that the Pigeon would fly again on Twitter. I have resisted Twitter, never seen the point of it and do not need more distractions, but I had to sign up for the Pigeon.

Within 30 seconds I had a follower, one of my publishers. Within 30 minutes I had another, a complete stranger in the US who is evidently an attractive woman. I felt special.

Then Guy tweeted the invitation to contribute to the Listener’s 100 Best Books of 2012 feature to all his 1142 followers. Suddenly I didn’t feel special.

So here are Radiohead, helpfully subtitled in Spanish:


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Mark Hubbard said...

And some of those attractive women who'll follow you on Twitter you'll want to block :)