Thursday, May 31, 2012

All children are psychic

So says Sue Bishop, whom the NZ Herald describes as “one of Australia’s top ‘intuitives’”:
Bishop says everyone has psychic abilities, “the difference is that most people, before the age of seven, they cut that channel off”.
She says by seven the soft part of the skull fully closes and the age of reason begins, she explains.
Apart from the strange construction of that last sentence, I wonder if anyone at the Herald has ever had children. As Vicki Hyde of the NZ Skeptics comments:
Ask a medical person who actually knows about fontanelles and skulls and they’ll tell you that the soft spots begin to close at about two months, finally completing closure at around 18-24 months. But a basic sanity check of facts doesn’t seem to be required in NZ Herald articles these days....

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tarot said...

Yes, we are very open to psychic energies when young, but stop this at an early age.