Sunday, May 27, 2012


Q: What are we on?
A: A journey.

Q: In which direction?
A: Going forward.

Q: How are our processes?
A: Robust.

Q: What else do we have?
A: Issues.

Q: Where?
A: Around that.

Q: How will we deal with them?
A: Transparently.

Q: How are we?
A: Good.

Q: How many of us?
A: We’re all good.


Anonymous said...

This is very clever, mimicing the question and answer form of early Celtic poetry. Was that concious or simply inate?

Stephen Stratford said...

Certainly not innate, but I have read a bit of Flann O'Brien in my time.

Stephen Stratford said...

Though this is probably more in the style of Myles na gCopaleen, Brian O'Nolan's other pseudonym.