Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doom and gloom in the Spectator

The editorial in the 19 May issue is about the Leveson inquiry into the phone hacking scandal. It argues that there is a huge market in personal data based on the leaking of illegal information to all sorts of organisations, not just newspapers, and concludes:
For the moment, with hacking in the news every day, the print media still seem important. But that is an illusion. The Leveson show, which after all sprang from a press turf war, may seem in retrospect to have been the dying gasp of an industry which will not exist, in anything like its current form, by the end of the next decade. Britain already has more Twitter accounts than daily newspaper sales. Lord Leveson has not got to the bottom of any great mysteries, nor is he likely to. His mission, it turns out, is to preside over a bizarre requiem for old news.

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