Friday, May 18, 2012

What I’m reading

Bill Ralston tells the media to stop being so precious and harden up. Quite right. Sooks.

Mick Hartley on the birds and bees, otherwise known as a Zionist espionage plot.

Toot-toot, chugga-chugga: Scott at Imperator Fish has the real oil on the Wiggles’ change of line-up. Money quote from one of the new members (see if you can guess who):
At the moment the kids lose interest in the Wiggles as soon as they reach school age, so the group is aiming to capture an older, more cynical market. My scrappy, take-no-prisoners approach to politics obviously fits that profile.
More shortlists: the James Tait Black has been announced and one of the four finalists is A.D. Miller’s Snowdrops. Excellent.

Tim Blair spots the New York Times headline of the month: “When I root, God laughs.”

James Kirchick on misremembering Christopher Hitchens at the memorial service: don’t mention the war.

Ron Rosenbaum on that wild mercury sound.

Finally, what I’m not reading: this Herald story headlined “Radiohead are better than us – Coldplay”. We all know that. It isn’t news. Next!

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