Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don’t the moon look good, mama

Shinin’ through the trees?

Today’s perigee moon isn’t that big a deal, really – last year’s on 19 March was bigger because the moon was 400 km closer to the Earth. So tides will be high but not as high as last time. Last night’s moon was pretty spectactular and the moon is only a bit closer this evening. Still, it is worth a look. Until a few minutes ago, viewed from here, it was slightly obscured by clouds but then it slowly rose above them, glowing in the sunset.

So here from the 1968 Super Session album are Al Kooper (keyboards, vocals, concept), Steve Stills (guitar), Eddie Hoh (drums) and Harvey Brooks (bass):

These guys formed the first supergroup but we mustn’t hold that against them. Side One featured Mike Bloomfield on guitar; Side Two featured Stills who was roped in because Bloomfield, a troubled soul, didn’t show for the second day of recording. Yes: the entire album was done in two days with a bit of horn-section overdubbing later; it cost $13,000 to make and went to #12 on Billboard chart. Little rehearsal, results that still sound good. Take that, ProTools.

Fun fact: Harvey Brooks played bass on two Miles Davis albums, 1970’s Bitches Brew and 1974’s Big Fun as well as on Dylan’s original version of this song on 1965’s Highway 61 Revisited.

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