Friday, May 4, 2012

The importance of algebra

XKCD, of course.


Anonymous said...

Nice cartoon, but isn't the caption slightly missing the point? My English, Latin and History teachers all made me learn things I have never needed to use or apply since, but I loved them, and still value the stuff they drilled into me back then. Though I failed Music and was no good at French, I still thought the teachers were pretty cool. On the other hand, my Maths teachers (bar one) were often sarcastic and cynical, my Physics teacher a sadist, and my PhysEd coaches gave me a lifelong dislike of most sports. it wasn't so much the subjects but they way they were taught that made you resent the lessons years afterwards. Teachers who made you feel inadequate.

Stephen Stratford said...

I think the cartoonist, who specialises in maths, is really criticising the pride some people take in saying they are hopeless at maths. I had always thought this an affliction of the English, but apparently some Americans suffer it too.