Saturday, May 19, 2012

Media bites

In the New Zealand non-fiction top-ten bestseller list for the week ending 12 May there were six cookbooks – Treats from Little and Friday, The Free Range Cook, Jax Cooks, Nadia’s Kitchen, A Good Harvest and  Cakestar – and one diet book, April Loses it: 30 Kilos in 30 Weeks!. Better six cookbooks and one diet book than the other way round, I suppose.

On Friday night the 2012 Canon Media Awards, the artist formerly known as the Qantas Awards, were announced. APN’s NZ Herald has put online all the APN winners (can’t link to this, sorry, as I can’t get onto the Herald website). Fairfax’s Stuff, as far as I can see, hasn’t published anything even though Fairfax papers the Press and Dominion Post had a very good night. So here is the full list: just click on “See all winners and finalists” at top left. In this house we’re saying hooray for the Listener, the Bay of Plenty Times, Donna Chisholm and Joanna Wane.

Over at TVHE, a very interesting discussion about Media7 and TVNZ7 in general: Matt Nolan, an economist, kicks it off and is swiftly engaged by Media7 host Russell Brown. Debate ensues. More light than heat, which is nice.

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